Posted by: AmbleAlong | January 10, 2013

Do You Ever Want to Skip the WhoWhatWhenWhereWhyHow of Things?

Here we are ten days into a new year, and I find myself still in a bit of an abyss…

  • I want to write (or complete!) a blog post, but I forgot the right picture, can’t find my quote, etc.
  • It would be great to start a new project at work, but I keep getting pulled back into the day-to-day operations and have no time.
  • Do I assert myself and give people a piece of my mind, or should I sit back and remember to listen more than I talk?

Dichotomies like these seem to find me no matter where I am, and I suspect that I am not alone in this.

In order to jump start my ability to make some decisions and progress, I sought out a quote to inspire me.  I am not sure this one “inspired” me so much as spoke to me, but what the heck – whatever it takes, right?

The worst thing one can do is not to try.  ~Jim Rohn

I don’t know Mr. Rohn, I am not going to look him up, but I can appreciate what he is saying (to me at least) here…

You could fly, you could fail, but you need to do something. ~AmbleAlong

There is no question that we should all learn to master a few key tasks, like providing good directions, being a great friend, and balancing our checkbooks.  But there are other times when it just doesn’t pay to always be the nice gal/guy. Going forward I am not going to give myself a free pass to be rude, but I am going to be smarter about what I take on.

Often I find myself pitching in to help out more than I should – or really want – to, especially at the office. For instance, when I changed jobs here I left a complete binder up-to-date with vendor information, phone numbers, and special “helps” for the position. Though I left the binder to be helpful, that individual continues to stop by my office for information rather than looking it up. I had to look things up when I first started, so now that time is nigh for someone else…

On a personal note, when friends want to get the group together I am sometimes asked (or I volunteer) to help coordinate things. I love the planning, but sometimes get bogged down with the details.  My goal will be to try and streamline dinner club emails, for instance, to provide what is needed (the where and when), but drop extras (restaurant reviews) that might take up my time and not add anything important to the mix.

As for the blog, which suffers greatly from my lack of organization and time, I am going to remind myself that this is my outlet.  I can write, review, share, plan, encourage, show, inspire, or even illuminate myself and others.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, there doesn’t need to always be a point, and there are no rules that a new post must be released every Tuesday at 4 pm.  This is a forum where my interests, creativity, knowledge and imagination can flow into one big sea and I should feel free to just be me!

Hope you have a great day being you!




  1. I find this happening to me all of the time. Someone needs help and I rush in to the rescue. Very often I do this when there are others would could have helped too. I have a problem sifting through and balancing requests for help with the time I have available. Saying no is not selfish is a lesson I need to learn and use more often.

    Great post! Keep up the good work!

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