Posted by: AmbleAlong | December 21, 2012

Insider Travel Tip: Getting lost – on purpose!

Hi fellow travelers!  In the midst of this crazy season lead-up to Christmas, I am trying to stay true to my goal to post more frequently.  Hopefully you will find today’s post short but sweet!

I know that many of us live our lives by feeding information into and consulting calendars and day planners (paper or electronic) on where we need to be and when. We often take this sense of up-to-the-minute control through to even our vacations and the planning of them.

I would like to propose that we loosen our hold on at least some of the details and just go with the flow when we unplug from our daily life for a vacation.  This quote from Ray Bradbury struck me as a good companion for the idea I am proposing:

Half the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness.   ~Ray Bradbury

Some of the most fun we have had in recent vacations is “in the margins”.  In Paris a few years back we decided to go to a museum in the morning, then tour a church in late afternoon.  This gave us plenty of free time in Paris to just see where the winding road would take us.  This chance to wander around between those two places provided us with the following lazy afternoon views on a stop at the Jardin des Tuileries between the Musée d’Orsay and Notre Dame:

The Tuilleries Gardens were a beautiful place to relax and just enjoy a great day!

The Tuileries Gardens were a beautiful place to relax and just enjoy a lazy afternoon!

Surrounding the Tuilleries Gardens reflecting pool were comfortable chairs.  We watched excited kids and adults alike pay to send their rented toy boats around the pool on a great day!

Surrounding the Tuileries Gardens reflecting pool were Adirondack chairs. We watched excited kids and adults alike send their rented toy boats around the pool!

Our down time spent at the Tuileries Gardens is one of the highlights from our trip to Paris, and we reference it often!  Since that vacation, we have made a conscious effort to plan less and enjoy more.  In any case, I hope you will at least consider letting a city talk to you on a future trip and take you where it may…

Happy traveling and enjoy the holidays!!!


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  1. Many of my favorite vacation memories are the ones that were off the beaten path… getting ‘lost’ on purpose and just exploring the places many people don’t go.

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