Posted by: AmbleAlong | July 6, 2012

Insider Travel Tip: Find the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

When traveling I often find myself distracted by the big things: tall buildings, grand gardens, a large expanse of water…  You get the idea.  There are so many “points of interest” I research in advance that it rarely occurs to me to just let a vacation unfold.

While no one can detract from the majesty of the Grand Canyon or the grandeur of the Roman Colosseum, my photographs never seem to come close to recapturing the experience I had at that moment in time.  Being entirely surrounded by nature (or a structure) records a lot more in your grey matter than does a mere snapshot!

Even if I am not crazy about a photo taken on vacation, I try not to be trigger happy and delete it unless it is out of focus or otherwise can’t be rescued.   It always surprises me that some of the photos which accompany me home contain hidden gems.

Take this photo for instance:

It was taken while adjusting the settings on my camera and walking up a hill in Ravello, Italy.  When I look at this photo I can clearly remember that my husband and I were attempting to fit in a few photos at Villa Cimbrone before the rain rolled in.  Also I recall that he wanted to know exactly why a photo of pumpkins in Italy was of interest.  Honestly, I had no good reason – the pumpkins just happened to be there.

After returning home it is always great fun to download the photos and see what riches await…  This particular trip was our honeymoon, so there are endless photos of our villa, Positano, the Mediterranean Sea, Amalfi, the Italian countryside, Capri, boats of many kinds, and even a few of us.  Some of the most interesting shots were of everyday Italy like this one.

No doubt we saw impressive works of art, stunning architecture, and countless churches in a country that all deserves to be photographed. But when all is said and done, I like how this one photo encapsulates an Italian city and the countryside all in one frame.  Maybe I did have a subliminal reason when I chose the pumpkins to focus on, after all I grew up next to cornfields and cows.  Until I got home and flipped through all of our trip photos, however, I did not realize just how much I liked this photo and the perspective it captured.  I guess it’s true that you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

Happy traveling!




  1. Wonderful photo and thank goodness you cannot take the country out of the girl!

    • Thanks for the kind words and visiting my site! I am proud to be a country girl!

      • So am I a proud country girl although I am forced to dress up and go to the city on occasion. lol Love your post and will enjoy more

  2. You’re quite right. Stopping to observe and enjoy the small things can often be so much more rewarding. Like stumbling upon a restaurant that no one has made mention of and discovering how wonderful it is. Kim*

  3. I find it’s the photos of the smaller things, such as the one in your post that are the most memorable! I like my photos of things like the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace… but the ones of clouds coming over the mountain or of a breeze blowing through linen curtains are the ones that I cherish the most.

    Keep on traveling and taking photos!

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