Posted by: AmbleAlong | March 16, 2012

Insider Travel Tip: Why I am an E,F,G flier

Hello again!  I can’t say that I am living up to my goal of posting weekly, but I am giving more thought about what to post to this blog.  Now I just need to kick my thoughts into action…

Just this week I traveled for work to New York City.  If you know me, you know how much I love the energy, pace, food, and general chaos that abounds in Manhattan…  There is truly no where else like it!

On my flights to and from New York, I found myself at or near the back of the bus.  Though my walk past First Class and all of the crying kids seemed to be a long one, once I got there I realized why it was that I chose those seats:

  • It is rare to fight for overhead compartment space for your carry-on
  • Frequently you may have the row to yourself (so why not take the E,F,G side over the A,B side!)
  • You get to the know the flight crew

Sure I could often select Row 10, Seat F – in the middle of two people who are in poor humor, complaining about not getting their First Class upgrades, and rushing to jump into the aisle once the plane is at the gate… 

But why would I want to when I can sit at the back of the plane, stretch out across my three seats, and enjoy my space knowing that officially I landed at the airport at the exact same time with a smile on my face!

Happy traveling!




  1. Yes, I am a cattle class passenger, but I have no complain on traveling on the back row of the plane, it’s near the toilet…. 🙂

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