Posted by: AmbleAlong | August 17, 2011

Up, up and away!

I have always enjoyed the open road, from Sunday drives to family vacations.  Adventure (or alternately boredom) may lie around any corner, and you just never know what you will find or who you will meet…   It’s always best to be open-minded and just let the day be what it will.

After getting my license, it was then up to me whether to drive slow or fast.  If I am being honest my speed was – and is! – most likely a function of the tune on the radio dial.

Upon getting my parent’s approval for my first vacation via airplane, however, I was catapulted from the slow lane up to warp speed.  What to take, how to pack, and the preparation for it all peppered my thoughts day and night for weeks.  No one I knew, or at least that I hung out with, had ever been on a commercial airplane.  To think that I could be in Houston just a few hours after leaving St. Louis was no small feat, and the vastness of this accomplishment was not lost on me!

Somehow I got organized enough to get packed up to meet my group on time, and then our caravan hit the road.  My fellow travelers and I all shared our hopes, dreams, and important plans and concerns for the four-day trip:  Would we meet others at the conference that we would stay in touch with forever?  There is a theme park within walking distance from our hotel, do you think our chaperones will let us go?  I sure hope they have food we like in Texas.

Happily I can report that we all survived and had a blast!  There were plenty of people to meet, we did get to go to Six Flags Over Texas, took side trips to both Gilley’s (with the mechanical bull) and Galveston Island, checked out the Astrodome (a personal favorite since I love baseball!) and enjoyed some Tex-Mex. Oddly enough I can’t say that I remember much about the flight, despite the fact that it was my impetus for a new direction in my travels. 

Though there are still plenty of additional odd little tidbits that I do remember clearly from the trip – for example, Coca Cola only offered “new Coke”‘ (blech!) when we were there – the most important thing was learning that my heart skips a beat when I hop on an airplane and see what’s out there!



  1. I do not remember my first plane either, but it was to visit my grand parents in Tampa Florida. I remember visiting Busch Gardens and the lizards in her yard.

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